Amboseli National Park Kenya; Attractions and Activities

Amboseli national park is a national park in the Kajiado south constituency located in the Loitoktok district in the rift valley province of Kenya and in the northwest of Kilimanjaro in Tanzania. Amboseli national park was formerly a Maasai Amboseli game reserve and it is famously known for the clear magnificent view it offers of Mount Kilimanjaro which is the highest free-standing mountain with the highest peak on the African continent. The name of the park was derived from a Masaai word known as Amboseli which means ‘’Salty dust’’ and it was later on nicknamed the Land of the Giants as well as branded as the Home of the African Elephant hence it is the best place in the world to get close to free-ranging elephants due to the vast number of Elephants it hosts and other wildlife. Amboseli national park covers an area of 392km 2 with a big concentration of wildlife including all members of the African big 5.

Best of Amboseli National Park
Best of Amboseli National Park

How to get to Amboseli National Park

Tourists can easily access Amboseli national park by both road and air transport since there are good roads that connect directly to the park as well as an Airstrip that can be used by domestic flights.

By Road

From Nairobi, it takes approximately 4 hour’s drive via A104 and C103, The main road from Nairobi via Namanga on the Nairobi-Arusha road through Meshanana gate also takes approximately 4 hours. Other options include Email on Nairobi-Mombasa road. Tourists can as well access Amboseli national park from Mombasa mainly from Tsavo National park through Kimana (Olkelunyiet) gate, From Maasai Mara National park which takes approximately 2 hours.

By Air

From Jomo Kenyatta International airport in Nairobi, Tourists can use a domestic flight to Amboseli airstrip which takes a few minutes. Tourists can fly from Hells gate national park to Amboseli airstrip. It is better to use a domestic flight from Nairobi to Amboseli airstrip as well as make a flight reservations earlier.

Gates of Amboseli National Park

Amboseli national park has four gates that act as points of entry and exit. All the gates can be easily accessed by road.

Meshanana gate

Meshanana gate is located on the Northwestern border of Amboseli national park. This gate is conveniently the closest to the Namanga border on the Nairobi-Arusha road. It also offers service facilities which include washrooms, restaurants, ranger posts, and park authority offices with a cashless payment system.

Kitirua gate

This is the main gate of Amboseli national park which is situated at the Southwestern end of the park in a semi-arid area, the gate sits on Kitirua hill adjacent to the official border of Kenya and Tanzania. Kitirua gate can be accessed by two main highways namely; the Nairobi-Arusha highway via Namanga and Nairobi to Mombasa road (A109) via Email. Tourists can have a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro which at Kitirua gate. It also has a cashless payment system and other facilities that can be used by tourists.

Iremito gate

Iremito gate is as well a point of entrance and exit to Amboseli national park which is located on the Eastern border though it is the less used gate. This is where the park authority offices are situated. Iremito gate can be accessed from Nairobi using Email road.

Kimana gate

This is apparently the busiest gate of Amboseli national park which is located in the southeast of the park. It is close to the park headquarters and can only be accessed by road since there is no airstrip near it. It as well has a cashless payment system and other tourist facilities.

Attractions in Amboseli national park


Amboseli national park is well known for its abundant wildlife and mostly famous for its vast population of over 1000 Elephants which is the reason as to why Amboseli national park was branded as the Home of the African Elephants. Elephants are notably known members of the African big 5 and besides elephants, Amboseli hosts all the other four members of the African big 5, more than 50 other mammal species, and over 47 raptor species. Amboseli is a popular game viewing destination because of its large concentration of wildlife.

Amboseli National Park.
Amboseli National Park.


Amboseli national park is home to over 600 prolific bird species which are always present on the lakes found in Amboseli national park, swamps as well as grasslands. Some of the notable birds include the bright pink flamingos, King Fisher, pelicans, Herons, and Egrets, some immigrant birds include Pangani long claw, yellow-necked spurfowl, Taveta golden weaver, and many more.
Scenery and Landscape Amboseli national park is blessed with a unique scenic beauty offering wonderful photography of the park with a variety of attractions like its plains, marshes, and savannah grassland. Most importantly it’s the clear stunning view of Mount Kilimanjaro which offers clear amazing photography which makes it an outstanding scenic destination. Normatior/Observation hill It is one of the major attractions found in the center of the park found in southeast of Lake Amboseli and was once known as the poacher’s hill. It is the highest point in the park which offers a clear aerial view of the entire park and its wildlife including a clear scenic View of Mount Kilimanjaro.

Mount Kilimanjaro

This is the highest mountain in Africa and the highest free-standing mountain above sea level in the world in Tanzania which can be easily and clearly viewed from Kenya while in Amboseli national park especially on the observation hill for a better view.

Sinet Delta

Sinet delta is one of the best bird-watching spots which hosts numerous prolific bird species. It is found in the north route of the park and it is not far from the observation hill which is a well-known birders’ paradise.

Elephants research camp

This is a long-term research project on the etiology of the African elephant which is operated by Amboseli trust for elephants. It is found in the heart of the park and this helps in creating awareness among tourists about the social behaviors of elephants, age structure, and population dynamics hence worth visiting.

Drive to Amboseli National Park
Drive to Amboseli National Park


Amboseli national park has four freshwater bodies whose shores feature swamps with thick papyrus which host different wildlife
species as well as birdlife namely; Kioko Lake, Conch Lake, Simel Lake, and the most.

Lake Amboseli

Lake Amboseli is a permanent seasonal lake with a depth of 40 meters found in Kajiado County in the western part of Amboseli national park and it covers a very large area compared to other parks. This lake tends to dry up during the dry season and gets filled up with water during the wet season which sometimes floods. It is believed that Lake Amboseli hosts different bird species, especially during the rainy season.

Maasai Culture

Maasai people are amazing, especially their unique culture, norms, and tradition whose lives revolve around grazing large herds of cattle. It is because of their distinctive traditions and dress which makes they are unique and easily recognizable tribes in Africa with warm and hospitable people.

Activities in Amboseli national park.

Game viewing

Game viewing in Amboseli national park is an amazing experience and it offers a great opportunity to tourists of exploring the wildlife found in Amboseli national park, especially the notable African big 5 members. For a better game viewing experience, Sinet delta is the best place where you get to see a variety of wild animals in big numbers. Sinet delta is situated in the rift valley and can easily be accessed using the northern route.

Amboseli National Park.
A Drive in Amboseli National Park.

Bird watching

Amboseli national park is among the top birding destinations in Kenya it has lakes whose shores are featured with swamps which host a big number of migratory birds and different water birds including bright pink flamingos, pelicans, herons, Egrets, and other bird species, especially during the wet season.

Photography/ scenic view

Amboseli national park is a naturally scenic and magnificent park with a clear epic view of Mount Kilimanjaro while at the observation hill which is the most classic beautiful scene worth shooting whether in the morning or evening while in Amboseli national park is priceless, wildlife, the ever-green swamps and the surrounding savannah grasslands, its amazing landscape, and marshes.

Night game drive

During the night game drive, tourists will be able to explore all the nocturnal wild animals with a great view of the open savannah
grasslands, on an open-roofed safari vehicle guided by armed park rangers. This is a memorable experience as you get to view animals closely as they are resting, playing, and feeding freely in the wild.

Cultural encounter

Maasai culture is one of the best-preserved cultural heritage in Kenya and while in Amboseli national park, Tourists are able to meet and interact with the Maasai people in the Maasai communities found around the park. Tourists will get to know the distinctive culture of the Maasai people, their norms, their cultural songs, and dances as well dress code.

Hot air balloon

Those interested in floating upwards in a balloon over the savannah grasslands while in Amboseli national park is also a great opportunity to explore both the flora and fauna found in the park because you will be able to spot a variety of different animals, it also offers a clear view of Mount Kilimanjaro. This is an awesomely unmatched feeling of a lift-off in a hot air balloon ride.

Camping and picnic

There are several safe campsites in Amboseli national park where tourists who are interested in camping can use their own tents
and sleeping bags. Camping in Amboseli national park offers a magical African experience while in the wilderness. The observation hill is as well a better place to go for a picnic which offers a better view of both wildlife and Mount Kilimanjaro.

Accommodations in Amboseli National park

There are several accommodation options in Amboseli national park which ranges from luxury, mid-range and budget depending one’s budget however some tourists would opt for camping in Kilima safari camp Amboseli which is next to Kimana gate. Below are some of the hotels/lodges found in and around Amboseli national park? Amboseli Serena Lodge, Amboseli Tawi Lodge, Oltukai Lodge, Amboseli Sentrim Lodge, Amboseli Sopa Lodge, Amboseli AA Lodge and Amboseli Eco Lodge.

Best time to visit Amboseli National Park

The best time to visit Amboseli national park is during the dry season from June to October with a little rain because during the dry season, animals retire to the park’s swamps where the underground water from Kilimanjaro wells up permanently throughout the year hence this is the best time to go for wildlife game viewing and other activities.

What is the entrance fee to Amboseli National Park?

Just like other national parks, park entrance fees are charged on a daily basis since the fees are only valid for 24 hours because it is a single entry fee according to different categories mentioned below;

Category        Entrance fees
Adult Child/student
Citizen 860Kshs 215Kshs
Resident 860Kshs 215Kshs
Non-residents 60USD 35USD
Note: It is better to make payments earlier to avoid unnecessary

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